Sunday, 7 July 2013

The City Breaks

I'm presently waiting at Changi Airport, Singapore.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to update you on the last week before I fly out to India which is where I feel this journey really begins.

I left Norwich with the most tearful of farewells 11 days ago.  3 flights, 17 hours and some awful in-flight food (beef in something brown - thanks Aeroflot) I arrived in Hong Kong, my unofficial base for my travelling.  I love Hong Kong. It's an amazing city.  This was now my third vist and it still delivers the goods.  It helps to have friends here, especially Sally, my travelling companion for the next 7 weeks..  They get me drunk so I barely notice the jet lag! Once again I was straight into the action with an all you can eat & drink champagne buffet.  So I did.  I can't recall much else, but it was fun.  I made new friends, caught up with old ones and supremely failed to catch up with others.  But I'll be back...

The first real stop of the journey was Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days.  This is a city to live in.  There is not much to do or see.  We walked around Chinatown, but having come from Hong Kong this was not very special.  We did Little India, but as we go there next I'm sure it will not live up to the real thing.  The highlight of the visit was finally getting to see the Petronas Towers.

They are the most beautiful buildings, especially at night, and dominate a skyline that would otherwise be rather dull.  All this was done in 5 star luxury which I'm trimg not to get used to.  A free bar for 2 hours every night was fully utilised!

Singapore was much of the same, which was a dissappointment.  It's very clean and green.  And pleasant.  That's the best that can be said.  It's also very expensive!  Again we did the sights - Chinatown & Little India were better than Kuala Lumpur, but still not wowing us, althoug the curries in Little India have whetted my appetite for what's to come.  We had the obligatory Singapore Sling at Raffles - the most expensive and unamazing cocktail I have ever had.  White Russians still rule!  Still, good times were had, especially watching the Lions beat Australia in an Aussie bar.  A very expensive hangover!

Anyway, my flight is being called so I will depart.

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